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I would like to publish for the users their office desktops, in order to allow them to work on their desktops from home. How can I do this without generating a new connection for each one of them?
answer In order to publish for each user his office desktop, please follow the steps below:

1) Set WebConnect to work in a non "auto created users" mode:
A) Administration Tool -> Files -> Configuration -> Main -> Set (PtServer.ini): ActiveDirectoryRoots=<default>
B) Set (PtServer.ini): AutoCreatedUsersAreVolatile=False
C) Save the changes.
(In case that you are using WebConnect internal users only you may skip this step).

2) For each user:
A) Double click the desired user (user properties window will be displayed).
B) Click on the "New Variable" button, in order to add a new Environment Valiable.
C) Set the desired variable name (for example: "MyPCName"). The value should be the computer name or IP address of the user`s PC (for example:

3) Publish Remote Windows Desktop:
A) Administration Tool: Action -> New -> Remote Windows Desktop
B) Set the desired display name (for example: "Connect to my office PC").
C) Define the desired settings, and select the option: "Specify Address". In the text field of this option write: 
%X"<Environment Variable Name>"
For example:

4) Assign the new connection to the desired users/groups.