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How do I publish a folder?

Alternative #1 (Internet Explorer 6):

1) Run WebConnect Administration Tool.
2) Publish Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe)
3) Set the following parameter:
-e -root "<folder name and path>"

For example:
-e -root "\\server-name\data"

4) Complete the publishing process using the desired configuration.

Alternative #2 (Windows Explorer):

Internet Explorer 7.0 cannot be used for folders publishing. Therefore, in order to publish folders while using IE 7.0, we would recommend following the steps below:

1) On the Terminal Server:
Copy the file: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe and save the copy as "folders.exe"
2) On WebConnect Server: Run WebConnect Administration Tool, and publish the new file (C:\WINDOWS\folders.exe)
3) Specify the desired path in the "Parameters" field. In case that you would like to limit the users to this folder only, use the /root option.
For Example: