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How do I integrate Net2Printer with PowerTerm WebConnect?

The Net2Printer installers are bundled with the PowerTerm WebConnect server installation (versions and above). After installing the server, Net2Printer installers will be located in the AddOns\Net2Printer folder in PowerTerm WebConnect server folder. These include the installers for both the Terminal Servers and clients.

In order to use Net2Printer universal printing solution with WebConnect, please follow the steps below:
1)         Install the file "NPSetupRDPServerEricom.exe" on each Terminal Server that you are using with WebConnect (As mentioned above,the installation file is located in: WebConnect5.x\AddOns\Net2Printer folder).
2)         Run WebConnect Administration Tool, and configure the relevant environment variables as follows:
A) Click on the Server menu -> Configuration
B) Double click the "PRIV_UniversalPrinting" environment variable, and set its value to: 1
C) Double click the "RDP_DisableUniversalPrinting" environment variable, and set its value to: 0
D) Click on the "New Variable" icon and add the following environment variable
Name: Net2PrinterUniversalPrintingVersion
Value: 1
Note: By configuring WebConnect Administration Tool as suggested above, WebConnect will install Net2Printer client automatically on each user`s PC, while running RemoteView. The printers will be mapped by Net2Printer during the logging on process to the Terminal Server.
In case that the Net2Printer client is connected properly to the Net2Printer server, a yellow Net2Printer icon will be displayed on the system tray. White Net2Printer icon means that the client was not able to connect to the Net2Printer server.
By right-clicking Net2Printer system tray icon the user may configure Net2Printer client.
Licensing and Activation:
In order to purchase Net2Printer licenses please contact Ericom Software or your local distributor.