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 I notice that when I open a connection with WebConnect 5.5.0 the following processes are used: IEXPLORE takes around 5-9 MB. PtAgent.exe - 11 MB (for Application Zone client users). Ptermx - 5 MB. (for HostView client users). Ptdown~1 - 5 MB.When I use regular PowerTerm InterConnect (not WebConnect) the whole session takes around 5 MB. Unfortunately we have some workstations with only 256 MB RAM on Windows XP OS. (Those workstations run more applications).   Is it possible to reduce the amount of memory WebConnect clients sessions use?

In order to reduce the amount of memory used by HostView, please add at the end of the Body tag in the HostView_X.html file the following lines:

 <script language=Javascript>




This will close the HTML page and the downloader, leaving only the ptermX.exe running.

 Note: the user will be asked to confirm closing the window.