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How do I automate call-back procedure from a remote host?

It is sometimes necessary to dial in to a remote host which then auto detects you and calls back to establish a connection. Here is a sample comm.psl script which automates this process, putting your modem into auto answer mode:

... ...
if {$pc <1}
message "Script COMM.PSL must have at least 1 parameter"
set comm-type com
set port-number $p1
if [info exist p2] {
set baud-rate $p2
if [info exist p3] {
set protocol-type $p3
session open
run keys.psl
send "ATS0=1^M"
if [info exist p4] {
send "ATDT$p4^M"
This script assumes that the remote host auto detects you, initiates the hang-up and then calls back. Include any special modifications for your particular host at the end of the script. For example, if you need to wait 10 seconds after connecting and then hang-up on your end, include the following lines:
wait 10 seconds
send "+++ATH"