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How do I configure desktop shortcu to connect automatically to the host via modem?

In order to create a desktop shortcut:

  1. Use "My Computer" or "Explorer" to view the PowerTerm Directory.
  2. Look for the PowerTerm executable, `ptw32.exe`.
  3. Right-mouse-click on this item and choose `Create Shortcut`. A new icon will appear. (You may rename this if you like.)
  4. Drag this new icon onto the Desktop.
  5. Right-mouse-click on it again and choose `Properties`.
  6. Select the `Shortcut` tab and then modify the `Target` line:
..... ptw32.exe
At the end of this line, simply add `comm.psl` followed by:
  1. the COM port your modem is connected to.
  2. the baud rate you want
  3. the protocol type (select from `none`, `xonxoff`, or `hardware`)
  4. the phone number to dial
..... ptw32.exe comm.psl 2 19200 xonxoff 508-234-7531
Important Note:
If you see quote marks around the text on the target line, place the new words OUTSIDE of the quotes, so you will have a target such as
"C:\Program Files\PTW32\ptw32.exe" comm.psl 2 19200 xonxoff 508-234-7531