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How do I connect to my AS/400 via SNA gateway?

PowerTerm cooperates with Microsoft`s WINAPPC.DLL or IBM`s EHNAPPC.DLL (16-bit only) to make the connection to the AS/400. The connection to AS/400 via Microsoft SNA server is done through APPC, and can be handled by either Microsoft`s WINAPPC.DLL or IBM`s EHNAPPC.DLL.  (You  must have either Client Access or Microsoft SNA client installed and configured on your PC.)

To connect to your Microsoft SNA server with APPC using PowerTerm,

  1. Go under Terminal|Setup|Emulation, select 5250 display, and click OK.
  2. For WINAPPC.DLL: Select the MSSNA option under Communications|Connect.
  3. For EHNAPPC.DLL: Select the APPC option under Communications|Connect.
  4. Fill in the appropriate parameters.