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How can I modify WebConnect web components automatically?
answer WebConnect Web Modifier is designed to assist you, the Administrator, with making server address changes to your PowerTerm WebConnect Web Components.

If you have recently added an additional PowerTerm WebConnect server to your farm, or removed one, this utility will modify all of the relevant html pages to make such changes much less tedious to accomplish.

NOTE: This utility requires that you have Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed on your server.
  1. Download WCWebModifier.exe
  2. Copy "WCWebModifier.exe" to the "x:\Program Files\Ericom Software\WebConnect 5.y\" folder on any server that contains the PowerTerm WebConnect Web Components.   Substitute the drive letter for "x" and the PowerTerm WebConnect version for "y", so for example, if you are working with PowerTerm WebConnect 5.6 on C:, your path would be "C:\Program Files\Ericom Software\WebConnect 5.6".
  3. Launch the "WCWebModifier.exe" utility and for each PowerTerm WebConnect server you would like accessible from the same web pages, check a box for a WebConnect Server. If you have modified the listener port on that server, also check the Port Number underneath that server and type in your server address and port number. This utility allows you to place up to 4 servers into each HTML page.

The default PtAgent Settings can be modified as well. The default settings are: "/NOSELFUPDATE /SHORTCUT=BOTH /AUTOLOGIN=NO". If you would like to change settings based on options you have read within the Administrator`s Guide for PowerTerm WebConnect, you can simply change this options list and this utility will make all changes for you.

When you are done setting your servers, ports, and PtAgent settings, you simply click the "Apply" button, and the utility will modify all files required.

There are only 2 errors that this utility will generate.
  1. After you click "Apply", if a file does not exist, it will tell you which file.
  2. If you are receiving an application crash notification, it is because you need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed on your server.