Define printing parameters-TE
 Printing FAQs 
How should I configure PowerTerm in order to print correctly?
  1. From the Terminal menu, select the Setup option.
  2. Select the Printer tab.
  3. Select the printer parameters that you require.
  • Print Device: This option allows you to select a printing output channel. The possibilities are:

    Option Sends the Output
    None No destination was assigned.
    Print Manager Sends to the standard Windows Print Manager, in text mode.
    Device Sends to the DOS device you designate in the Device Name text box. For example, this can be a device such as prn, lpt1, com1. In the Device Name text box, you can also specify communication parameters. For example: COM1:9600,8.
    File Sends to the DOS file you type in the File Name text box. See the Device parameter below.

    Note: If you chose Print Manager or None as the option for Print Device, the Device File Name field will be disabled.

  • Device:

    Device File Name: If a file of the same name exists, you can choose to add the new data to it, or to create a new file. You can do this using the File Creation parameters. To add the data, click the Append option; to create a new file, click the Overwrite option.

  • Other:

    Use Form Feed: Adds a form feed (page eject) after each printing job, if you are printing to file.

    Print Line Graphics As Text: Converts line graphics to text. This speeds up printing on a slow dot-matrix printer.

    Print Screen Data Conversion: Converts data to IBM or Digital character sets. If you do not want to convert data, use the None option, or select Graphics from the dropdown list to print in Graphics mode. Selecting the Graphics option will always send a print screen via the Print Manager in Graphics mode, regardless of the print device.

    Slave Printer Data Conversion: Converts data to IBM or Digital character sets for slave printing. If you do not want to convert data, use the None option. Select the Graphics option from the dropdown list in order to print to a postscript printer.

    Slave Printer Job Delimiter: When printing in slave mode, the job delimiter character that you select here will divide the data into print jobs instead of escape sequences arriving from the host application.