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How do I autoconnect via Telnet, using an icon on the desktop?

In order to create a  desktop shortcut please follow the steps below:

  1. Use "My Computer" or "Explorer" to view the PowerTerm Directory.
  2. Look for the PowerTerm executable, `ptw32.exe`.
  3. Right-mouse-click on this item and choose `Create Shortcut`. A new icon will appear. (You may rename this if you like.)
  4. Drag this new icon onto the Desktop.
  5. Right-mouse-click on it again and choose `Properties`.
  6. Select the `Shortcut` tab and then modify the `Target` line:
..... ptw32.exe
Simply add `telnet.psl` and the host you want to telnet to.


..... ptw32.exe telnet.psl myhost
where myhost is the name or IP address of the host system you are trying to connect to
Important Note:
If you see quote marks around the text on the target line, place the new words OUTSIDE of the quotes, so you will have a target such as
"C:\Program Files\PTW32\ptw32.exe" telnet.psl myhost