Including "Terminal Type" & settings in an icon or script-TE
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How do I configure PowerTerm icon to run a script or settings file?

Sometimes it is useful to be able to make a connection and have the program commence operation already in a designated emulation type with various saved parameters. This is easy to do. First you must select the emulation and other parameters you want and save them via the "Save Terminal Setup as" choice from the File menu. Example: sco.pts

From an icon

If you want to be able to include terminal type & settings from an icon, click here to download it. and copy script into the PowerTerm directory.

Then make a shortcut or program item and supply the following parameters on the target line:

example: ..... telnet2.psl xxx.pts myhost

where myhost is the host name or IP address of the host you are trying to connect to.

From a script

For other users, you would just make a copy of your `comm.psl` [for modem use], `tn5250.psl` [for AS400 use], etc., and place this line:

open-setup-file xxx.pts
where `xxx.pts` is the name of your new setup file. (This line must be the first line in the script.)

Then make a shortcut or program item (as explained above) and supply the needed parameter hostname.

example: ..... telnet.psl myhost