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How do I prevent PowerTerm WebConnect from automatically upgrading the clients to a newer version?

By default, PowerTerm WebConnect clients automatically upgrade themselves to a newer version when that version is installed on the server. This is done in order to provide end-users with the enhanced features and capabilities available in the newer version.

In some special cases it may be desriable to prevent this automatic update. To disable the automatic update run WebConnect Administration Tool and follow the steps below:

1) Click on the Server menu -> Configuration

2) Configure the DOWNLOADS_Disable environment variable with one of the following values:

ALL - All the downloads are disabled. That means that all the software should be already installed on the client side. Missing files will generate malfunction of the product.

UPDATES - Only update downloads are disabled. Missing files will be downloaded anyway. Like in the ALL option, missing files will generate malfunction of the product.

NEWFILES - Only new files downloads are disabled. The updates will be anyway processed.

In case that the environment variable is missing or it`s value is empty -  no download limitations are applied.This will disable the automatic upgrade to all the users.

In addition, if you are using a web page to launch the PowerTerm WebConnect client or the Application Portal (web interface), make sure not to update the ptagent.ver.txt file on the web server.

Note: if you install PowerTerm WebConnect clients using msi these installation will not be automatically upgraded in any event. In this case the new version must be installed using the newer .msi files.