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How do I fix "Pool Empty" error message desplayed by Application Portal?

In case that the user receives "Pool Empty" error message while logging on to WebConnect Application Portal, please follow the steps below:

1) Open PtServer.ini file for editing (C:\Program Files\Ericom Software\WebConnect 5.5\DataBase)

2) Find the "UsePortalUser" field in the [Misc] entry.

3) Set the value to "True".
For Example: 

4) Find the "Machines" field in the [Portal] entry, and verify that the web server IP address is displayed on the list.

5) Save and Exit.

6) Open ComPortal.ini file for editing (Notepad).
7) Search the following line, and replace "localhost" with WebConnect internal IP address:


For Example:


8) Search the following line, and specify WebConnect external (Internet) IP address:


For example:


9) Save the file and reset the IIS (your web server).

10) Verify that WebConnect Server did not add the user to the Intruders list (WebConnect Administration Tool -> Intruders icon).

11) Verify that the user is using the correct username and password.

Please note that the ComPortal.LOG file (C:\Program Files\Ericom Software\WebConnect X.X\ComPortal) collects additional information regarding the login process, and may provide the most accurate reason for the login failure.