.Net ClickOnce Applications not working as RemoteApp on Win2008 /R2-WC
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We are attempting to deploy a commercial application that chose to use ClickOnce as the deployment model. when we attempt to start the application as a published application from Windows 2008R2,the application fails to start. As far as we understand, Windows 2008 R2 does not support this yet. Is there a workaround for this issue which can be used with WebConnect?
answer The problem can be resolved by:

1)  On the TS:
Copy the file: C:\Windows\explorer.exe
(call the copy test.exe, for example, and save it in the same Windows directory). 

2)  On WebConnect Admin Console:
Publish test.exe and write the desired URL of the .Net application in the parameters line. 

In case that you have more than one Terminal Server, perform step #1 on each one of Terminal Servers.