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Can I use AccessNow with tablets and smartphones?

Ericom AccessNow will operate on any tablet or smartphone device if used with an HTML5 browser (i.e. iPad Safari).

The following list provides tips on using AccessNow from a tablet or smartphone device where a physical keyboard and mouse is not available. Functionality will vary across different devices and certain commands may not be available.

?  Single Tap performs a left click.
? Single long Tap performs a right-click.
? Tap + Hold + Drag performs a select then drag/scroll function.
? Double Tap, or tapping once with two fingers, performs double-click.
? Tap with three fingers sends Back command to a remote browser.
? Swipe down with three fingers is Page Up.
? Swipe up with three fingers is Page Down.
? Drag left or right with three fingers performs a left arrow and right arrow respectively.
? Tap the keyboard icon (upper right-hand corner of window) to open/close the virtual keyboard.
? Currently there is no support for clipboard and file transfer on tablets and smartphones.
? Swipe and pinch gestures will apply to the AccessNow session (i.e. zoom in with pinch in).
? (iOS only) When saving an AccessNow icon to the iOS desktop, the shortcut will open the AccessNow session full-
screen mode. The browser’s toolbar will be hidden and there will be more remote desktop area available.