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I am trying to connect to the remote machine with no success. What may cause this problem?

Connection problem may have many possible reasons. For example:

1) AccessNow Server was not installed or not running

2) Firewall between the client and Ericom Access Server is blocking port 8080 -
run telnet command from the client machine to Ericom Access server in order to verify that there are no network/firewall issues. For example:
telnet 8080

3) Firewall between the Access Server and the RDP host is blocking port 3389

4) RDP is not enabled on the RDP host - 
Make sure that you can connect with RDP client to the RDP host

5) RDP host is not Windows XP or above.

6) Network Level Authentication is enabled - 
AccessNow does not support Network Level Authentication yet. Please disable this feature. 

7) Ericom Secure Gateway should be in use for external users - 
please make sure that Ericom secure gateway is installed, running and well configured.

8) Web sockets feature is not enabled in the web browser - 
In case that you cannot enable web sockets, use AccessNow HTTPS mode with Ericom Secure Gateway.

9) Web browser does not support HTML5 standard