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My user is working on a remote virtual machine (or Terminal Server) over RDP, using WebConnect Server. How do I configure WebConnect to run certain applications on the user`s local machine in order to solve performance issues?

In order to allow users to use certain applications locally, while working on a remote Virtual machine or Terminal Server, please follow the steps below:

1) Install WebConnect 5.7.0 or upgrade your current WebConnect Server to the 5.7.0 version.

2) Run WebConnect Administration Tool and publish the desired Remote Windows Desktop (Action -> New -> Remote Windows Desktop), and set the Screen Size to "Reverse Seamless"
Users launching a Reverse Seamless connection will see a standard Full Desktop session. However, these sessions support the function to redirect application execution to the local device (reverse seamless applications.)

3) Create a script on the remote machine in order to allow the user to launch the desired application locally. Basically the VB script should contain the following three lines only (replace "notepad" with the desired application):

Dim tsagent
Set tsagent = WScript.CreateObject("PowerTerm.TSAgent")
tsagent.Redirect "notepad"

For example, in order to launch Windows Media Player locally, while working on a remote VM or a remote TS, the script should be:

Dim tsagent
Set tsagent = WScript.CreateObject("PowerTerm.TSAgent")
tsagent.Redirect "wmplayer"

4) Create a shortcut to the new VB script file, place the shortcut on the user`s Virtual machine (or TS) desktop, and set the desired icon.

5) In case that the application that you would like to re-direct to the user`s local machine is Windows Explorer, you may skip steps #3 and #4. All you have to do is to add the following environment variable:
RDP_RedirectSchemes and to set its value to: http,https