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How do I configure WebConnect to support smart cards and USB tokens?

In order to configure PowerTerm WebConnect to work with your smart cards or USB tokens, please follow the steps below:

1) Make sure that you are using WebConnect or above.
2) Copy the following file and rename the copy to sso.html
C:\Program Files (x86)\Ericom Software\WebConnect 5.7\web\windows\Agent_X.html
3) Save sso.html in the same folder where agent_x.html file is located.
4) Open sso.html for editing using Notepad
5) Add to the parameter`s line:  /USER=$$
For example:
                                <PARAM NAME="Parameters" VALUE="<WebServer> /NOSELFUPDATE /USER=$$ /SHORTCUT=BOTH /AUTOLOGIN=NO">
6) Save the changes you have made to the file.
7)  When publishing an application using WebConnect Adminitration Tool, check the "Smart Cards" option. During the publishing process, uncheck the following two options: "Use WebConnect User Credentials" and "Use Default Domain".
8)  In case that the WebConnect Server is installed on Windows 2008, make sure that "PowerTerm WebConnect Server" service is not running with the local system account (Check the option: "This account" and provide username and password).
9) On the client side:  Configure the machine to authenticate the user using USB token when logging on to Windows\domain.
10) On the client side: Attach the USB token (or smart card) and log on to the domain.
11) On the client side: Launch web browser and connect to the server using the following link: