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Question: The user fails to log on to WebConnect Server. The error message is "Login Rejected: The system cannot log you on".

In order to be able to log on to WebConnect Server, the user should provide valid username and password. In case that the authentication fails, we would recommend to:

1) Make sure that the provided username and password are accurate (for example by using the same credentials in order to log on to Windows).
2) Make sure that the AD user account is not locked
3) Make sure that the WebConnect user account is not listed in the intruders list (WebConnect Administration Tool: View -> Intruders).
4) Make sure that the WebConnect`s Active Directory configuration is accurate:
A. WebConnect Administration Tool: Server -> Directory Services -> Select the relevant Directory Service -> Properties
B. Make sure that the address line contains the domain name and not a domain controller address (It is important in case that you have more than one domain controller).
C. Set the "Type" to "Specify Credentials", and provide the domain admin username and password.
D. Click on "Connect", Click on the "Browse" button ("..."), and verify that you can see the AD organization units.
5) Configure the Active Directory to allow the users to log on locally, as discribed in the following URL:
6) Make sure that the Active Directory configuration does not limit the users to log on from certain machines only.