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How do I configure WebConnect to work with Ericom Blaze?

The following steps should be followed in order to make WebConnect Server work with Blaze:

1) Install WebConnect Server 5.7.0 or above
2) Install WebConnect TSagent on each one of the desired Terminal Servers. The TSagent installer can be found in WebConnect`s Addons folder.
3) Install Ericom Access Server on each of the desired Terminal Servers. The Access Server installer can be found in WebConnect`s Addons folder (starting with WebConnect Server version 6.0).
4) Run WebConnect Load Balancer Admin Tool, and make sure that all the relevant Terminal Servers are displayed, and that their status is: "Ready" (Green). In case that the Terminal Servers are not displayed by the LB admin tool, make sure that the Firewall does not block the communication between the LB server and the LB agent installed on the Terminal Servers. If needed you can manually add the Terminal Servers to the Load Balancer list by using the Server (LB admin Tool) menu -> Add.
5) Run WebConnect Administration Tool -> Action -> New -> Windows Application -> and follow the wizard. Please check the option: "Enable Enhanced RDP Compression and Acceleration".
A. Blaze communication works through port 3399. Make sure that no firewall or locally installed application block this port.
B. Make sure that the user belongs to the Remote Desktop Users AD group (and allowed to connect to the Terminal Server).
C. In case that you are testing Blaze in a VDI environment, Ericom Access Server must be installed on each one of the virtual machines. In addition, after creating the pool, go to WebConnect Administration Tool, double click the new connection, and make sure that the option: "Enable Enhanced RDP Compression and Acceleration" is selected.