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I fail to remotely install VMagent (Ericom Tools) by using DeskView Admin Tool. How can I solve this issue?

In order to be able to publish a virtual machine with WebConnect, the system administrator must install VMagent (Ericom Tools) on each of the desired virtual machines.
There are two ways to install the VMagent:
1) Installing on the Virtual machine the relevant MSI file from
C:\Program Files\Ericom Software\WebConnect x.x\AddOns\DeskView VDI\

2) Using the "Install Ericom Tools" toolbar icon in the DeskView admin tool.

The second (remote) installation method is based on WMI, and it requires the ability (and permissions) of the WebConnect Server to connect to the remote virtual machine, to copy the MSI file, and to install it.
In case that the WebConnect does not have permissions to do that, or in case that the Firewall blocks it from doing that -the remote installation process will fail.

Please follow the steps below in order to make sure that the DeskView Server can remotely install the VMagent:
A. Make sure that the virtual machine and the WebConnect Server belong to the same domain.
B. Configure the DeskView admin tool with the domain admin username and password (Right click "PowerTerm WebConnect DeskView" -> Options -> Network -> Select the relevant domain name -> Properties).
C. Make sure that no Firewall blocks the remote installation.
D. Make sure that "RPC Endpoint Mapper" service is running on the virtual machine (Windows 7).
E. Make sure that the WMI is enabled on the virtual machine. The remote installation of VMagent is based on WMI control. In case that the WMI is not enabled - the remote installation cannot work.
F. Make sure that Microsoft WMI browser can access the virtual machine.
This test can be done as follows:
I. Download WMI Administrative Tools from Microsoft website.
II. Run WMI Object browser on the WebConnect Server.
III. Click on "Browse for Namespace" button
IV. Write the hostname of the desired virtual machine and the user credentials that should be used, and click OK.
In case that the WMI browser fails to reach the virtual machine - it means that something block the WMI communication between the DeskView Server and the virtual machine (and in that case WebConnect is expected to fail as well).