Ericom Blaze vs. RDP-BL
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How fast is Ericom Blaze vs. RDP?
answer Ericom Blaze is a robust display protocol that exceeds the performance of the latest versions of RDP, including RDP 7. Ericom Blaze provides an enhanced user-experience across latent / low bandwidth connections, or when viewing complex graphics or animation displays. Ericom Blaze is available both as a standalone product as well as an integral part of PowerTerm WebConnect 5.7 and higher.

The actual amount of speed increase you can get from using Ericom Blaze is highly dependent on a few factors. In general, the more graphics, the better the performance gains over RDP. If the document is graphics based (bitmaps, charts, etc.), and used over a slow connection,  you can see up to 10 times better performance over RDP. If your document is primarily text based, you can see 2-5 times better performance over RDP. Remember that the bandwidth and latency of the network will also be a factor in the performance. By following the link below, you can  view a chart that details speed expectations, based on your operating system: