Running PSL script commands and script files from the host-TE
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How can I run PSL script commands or PSL script files from the host?
answer PowerTerm and WebConnect HostView allow the host application to run PSL script command or PSL script files. In order to do this, the following escape sequences should be sent from the host (note that the required escape sequence is determined according to the terminal emulation type):

VT Terminal Emulation:
ESC P $ s Script-Name ESC \

ESC P $ t Script-Commands ESC \

Wyse Terminal Emulations:

ESC Z t Script-Commands CR

ESC Z s Script-Name CR 

* ESC is the ASCII 27 (Hex 1B) code.

*    CR is the ASCII 13 (Hex 0D) code 

DG Terminal Emulation:

ESC W t Script-Commands 000

ESC W s Script-Name 000 

*  ESC is the ASCII 30 code
*  000 is the ASCII 0 code

For example:
Running EXEC script command in Wyse emulations:
0x1b\Ztexec notepad\x0d

Running EXEC script command in VT emulations:
x1bP\$texec notepad\x1b