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BYOD - A Mixed Bag

Most of today's workforce have their own smart phones and tablets, which they both are comfortable with and expect the organization's IT department to support. This makes BYOD one of the hottest IT topics today. By allowing employees to use their own personal mobile devices for work, organizations can increase employee satisfaction and productivity in addition to reducing hardware and mobile device support costs.

BYOD presents many challenges as well, especially in the area of access security, compliance and IT management. Enabling employees to connect their personal devices to the corporate network can expose sensitive data, making organizations vulnerable to compliance and security violations. In addition, the growing variety of end user devices requiring support can be overwhelming for IT staff.

Ericom's answer: Deliver desktops and applications to any end user device, anywhere, while mitigating associated risks

Each organization's BYOD requirements and goals are different. While some companies may limit BYOD to certain employees (executives, field/sales people, third party consultants, independent agents), others may want to implement it for the entire workforce. Therefore, any BYOD solution must be tailored to fit the relevant scenario. Ericom has a portfolio of products that can be used in combination, or each on their own. Build a comprehensive, flexible BYOD solution that addresses the usability, security and manageability issues that come into play when supporting a variety of devices.

Solutions for BYOD include:

  • Ericom AccessNow HTML5 RDP Client — One of the main challenges of BYOD is the wide variety of devices that IT staff must manage. AccessNow enables browser-based access to Windows applications and desktops hosted on Terminal Services (RDS) and VDI environments, from anywhere and any device, including iPad, Android tablets, smartphones, laptops, Macs, Chromebooks and Linux. There's no client software to install, which minimizes the intervention required by IT staff.
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  • Ericom AccessToGo Mobile RDP client — AccessToGo is a native RDP client for iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Android smartphones. Reap the benefit of having secure and on-demand access to home /office PCs and hosted desktops and applications, simply and cost-effectively. AccessToGo is available in both modes: standard RDP (Free) and accelerated , and can also work in unmanaged and centrally managed environments
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  • Ericom Connect (the Alternative to Citrix) For enterprises that want more control in handling BYOD, Ericom Connect provides secure and mobile, managed access from office and remote locations to Windows applications and desktops hosted on Terminal Services / RDS / VDI platforms, physical desktops and the Web. IT staff enjoy a unified management user interface, default browser-based access, flexible scalability and ease of deployment and use, reducing the costs and complexities of managing and supporting desktops and other devices. Plus integrated RDP acceleration and compression software speeds up access to graphics-heavy PDFs, Adobe Flash-related content and other media-rich software over WANs.
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All of Ericom's solutions include Ericom Secure Gateway, enabling external users to securely connect to internal resources without requiring a VPN.

Ericom's suite of solutions helps you address your concerns with BYOD, so you can empower your employees while minimizing the burden on your IT staff and enhancing security.

Don't fear BYOD - make it work for you!