Ericom AccessNow HTML5 RDP client for Quest vWorkspace

Ericom AccessNow for Quest vWorkspace
HTML5 RDP Client

Extend the reach of Quest vWorkspace to Chromebooks and Other End–Point Devices!

Enable Quest vWorkspace to deliver Windows applications and desktops to any HTML5 compatible browser on any platform, including Google Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad / iPhone, Android, RIM BlackBerry and Playbook - even locked-down Windows stations-without requiring Flash, Java or any other software installed on the client!

Why AccessNow for Quest vWorkspace?

Ericom AccessNow for Quest vWorkspace is a high performance HTML5 client that enables quick and easy access to hosted virtual and session-based desktops and applications published through Quest vWorkspace.

Simplicity, Speed, Ubiquity

  • AccessNow for Quest vWorkspace runs entirely inside the browser. Without having to install software or plug-ins of any sort on the user device, it significantly reduces client support and management costs.
  • Using standard web browsers, users can quickly and intuitively get access to what they need, when they need it— from anywhere.
  • Organizations of all sizes enjoy a full featured, scalable solution that unifies access to centrally hosted IT resources from a myriad of end-point devices — an ideal solution for implementing BYOD policies.

" We are delighted to work with Ericom to further expand the reach of vWorkspace to a new wave of devices and access models. Support for HTML5 devices and browsers means that users can access virtual desktops and applications instantly without any agents or plug-ins, accelerating the adoption and reach of desktop virtualization." – Jon Rolls, Vice President of Product Management for User Workspace Management at Quest Software.

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