Ericom AccessCloud - SaaS and Cloud–Enablement Initiative

New SaaS and Cloud–Enablement Initiative — Ericom AccessCloud

The fastest way for ISVs to move their applications into the SaaS age

Ericom's AccessCloud initiative facilitates the adoption of Cloud-hosted services, by enabling ISVs to deliver their client / server Windows applications as a Service (SaaS), complete with Multi-tenancy & billing, and automatic provisioning functionality. With AccessCloud, ISVs are able to quickly Cloud-enable their Windows applications and discover new revenue streams, while cloud hosting companies can rapidly grow their business and portfolio.

Overcoming Web-enablement challenges

The demand for Cloud-based SaaS is growing. However, many ISVs find it time-consuming and financially challenging to Webify their feature-rich, single-tenant Windows client / server applications into multi-tenant Cloud services.

AccessCloud enables ISVs to quickly transform their Windows applications into Web-based, Cloud-hosted services, and to deliver them to any device through a HTML5-compatible Web browser, with no plug-ins necessary!

ISVs: Take advantage of AccessCloud to generate recurring revenue - within weeks! Enjoy other benefits including:

  • Shorter deployment time – ISVs can offer their applications as a full SaaS offering within weeks vs. the extensive time it would take to re-develop or port the applications to Web technologies
  • Complete control - optimizes the IT infrastructure for an application's SaaS-specific requirements
  • Global availability of applications – from anywhere on the Internet
  • Any Device Access – make applications instantly accessible on any end-point device, including PCs, laptops, Macs, Chromebooks, iPad / iPhone, Android, RIM BlackBerry / Playbook, etc.
  • Predictability – of Revenue Stream, recurring revenues, growth
  • Allows ISVs to focus on smaller upgrades vs. monster patch rollouts

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About AccessNow for Cloud Hosting Providers

Ericom AccessCloud fills an important role in enabling ISVs to simply and cost-effectively deliver applications from computing clouds to their customers through a web browser.