PowerTerm WebConnect - QuickVNC Client

PowerTerm® WebConnect QuickVNC Client

VNC Secure Gateway – Downloadable VNC Client with Centralized Administration

PowerTerm WebConnect's QuickVNC Client allows users to securely connect to the desktop of any remote system running a VNC listener. Based on special "viewer technology", PowerTerm WebConnect's QuickVNC Client is especially useful for online training and teleconferencing. Platforms that support VNC include: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

PowerTerm WebConnect's QuickVNC Client features:
  • Automatic client install
  • Built-in support for security
  • Authentication and central management plus connection monitoring
  • Supports automatic fail-over
  • Session reconnection and concurrent licensing

Ericom's VNC Secure Gateway encompasses the capabilities of PowerTerm WebConnect including:
  • Install Once, Deploy Everywhere
    PowerTerm WebConnect is installed on the server and the QuickVNC Client automatically downloads itself to each client's PC, as necessary. Updates are centrally installed and automatically distributed, thereby eliminating the need for maintenance.
  • Central Administration
    From a central location the system administrator can assign capabilities by individuals or groups, control resource access, monitor system utilization, and determine which sessions are open and much more.
  • Reconnect
    Whenever there is a momentary break in the connection between the QuickVNC Client and the VNC host, the session is typically lost and the user must re-log on. The PowerTerm WebConnect server maintains the connection with the VNC host and the QuickVNC Client. Even if there is a break between the PowerTerm WebConnect server and the client, when the connection is reestablished the QuickVNC Client session continues without interruption.
  • Concurrent Licensing
    Concurrent licensing means never paying for what you don't use. With PowerTerm WebConnect, you purchase a "pool" of licenses that are shared among many users.
  • LDAP/WinNT Authentication
    PowerTerm WebConnect accesses account information in real-time via encrypted communications and can download desired accounts for local management. It utilizes the power of LDAP to control access to Windows applications running on Windows Terminal Servers.
  • Security
    With PowerTerm WebConnect, all communications between the PowerTerm WebConnect server and the QuickVNC VNC Client viewer, are optionally secured using SSL strong encryption. This PowerTerm WebConnect capability eliminates the need for complex and expensive VPNs or dedicated communications lines.

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