Aligning Healthcare IT with Business Objectives

The top priority for healthcare providers is to give high quality patient care in a secure, reliable and cost effective manner. To achieve this, Ericom enables healthcare IT to:

  • Improve healthcare processes and patient care by providing clinical staff with secure, local / remote access to clinical applications and vital practice management applications, such as McKesson Ansos, MISYS, GE Prism and ScriptMed
  • Improve access security and compliance with HIPAA policies
  • Lower costs & complexities of managing access to remote desktops and applications, from any user device, anywhere
  • Simplify and optimize the healthcare IT infrastructure with centralized application management, upgrades, installations, and patches
  • Provide remote access from any client device so that shift and mobile workers can perform their roles effectively
  • Ensure business continuity

Keeping a Finger on the Pulse with PowerTerm WebConnect

Ericom understands and addresses the challenges faced by healthcare IT and decision-makers. Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect is a proven application access solution used by leading healthcare providers and hospitals in the US and in the United Kingdom. With PowerTerm WebConnect, healthcare providers succeed in addressing their complex IT issues, while meeting business objectives.

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With over 300 installations in public and private healthcare organizations, Ericom's experience enables you to improve the way you and your clinical staff work.

The Alternative to Citrix

As a server-based solution for deploying applications across the enterprise, PowerTerm WebConnect exceeds Citrix and similar technologies in scope, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness. PowerTerm WebConnect provides comprehensive, secure and centrally managed access to applications residing on Windows® Terminal Servers, virtual desktops, legacy hosts and other systems from local or remote, Windows or Linux desktops, laptops and thin clients.

Quick to deploy and easy to configure and use, Ericom's solution offers built-in remote desktop management and enhanced security, helping healthcare IT reduce overhead as well as increase overall productivity and IT efficiencies.

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Success Stories

Liverpool Women's Hospital midwives improve the quality of patient care with PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView
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As Children's Health Associates sought to lower the costs and complexities of managing their desktops they found the answer in PowerTerm WebConnect's integrated application access to Windows Terminal Server and legacy host systems.
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