PowerTerm WebConnect's Features from Ericom

PowerTerm® WebConnect's Features

Why PowerTerm WebConnect?

PowerTerm WebConnect offers a number of features that significantly enhance the user's Web-to-host terminal emulation experience.

RemoteView Client

RDP Gateway - Secure Access within a browser. With PowerTerm WebConnect's RemoteView Client you can securely access Windows applications running on a Microsoft Windows Terminal Server (TSE). Within a single browser window, the RemoteView RDP client displays the Window's screen and all of its application windows. Additionally, the secure RDP Gateway encompasses the capabilities of PowerTerm WebConnect.

QuickVNC Client

With PowerTerm WebConnect's QuickVNC Client you can securely access remote applications running on Unix and Linux systems. Within a single browser window, the QuickVNC Client displays the screen and all of its application windows.

Session Reconnect

Session Reconnect, which is particularly useful for mobile and remote users, automatically resumes interrupted sessions. Reconnected sessions continue from the exact point of interruption. There is no loss of work or data, saving the user from repeating the laborious process of logging in and data reentry.


PowerTerm WebConnect can connect to any LDAP-compatible directory server, such as Microsoft Active Directory, Novel Directory Server and iPlanet. Using LDAP, the system administrator can import the existing network configuration rather than having to redo the configuration. LDAP adds another security layer to the system: if the network user is disabled, then the WebConnect server will not allow this user to log in.


PowerTerm WebConnect supports LPD/LPR protocol for managing remote printing from a host. Because PowerTerm WebConnect supports dynamic IP addresses, even users who are behind a firewall, use DHCP, or connect via an Internet Service Provider can use this printing solution.

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