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Ericom Connect® Professional

Empowering the SMB Workforce and Accelerating Growth

Within the growing mobile and BYOD landscape, you want your users to be productive and your business to grow. As a leading access solutions provider with over two decades of expertise in the access market, Ericom Software offers small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) an innovative yet cost-friendly remote access solution, designed for ease of use & implementation.

Take advantage of Ericom Connect's ease of implementation, powerful reporting and scalability to overcome day-to-day business challenges and accelerate your growth. Supporting the widest range of user devices, Ericom Connect ensures employees can easily access the resources and services they need to be productive, wherever they are and whichever device they're working on

  • Secure, Centrally Managed Access
    Deploys within hours, and requires no specialized certification or training, so your IT staff and end-users can get straight to work
  • Lower IT Costs & Operational Overhead
    Ericom Connect is intuitive and easy to use via a web-based management console, reducing admin requirements by up to 50% and requiring up to 1/3 fewer servers than other available solutions
  • Support for Cloud Migration
    Ericom Connect leverages both Amazon and Microsoft cloud SQL as a service, enabling smoother and faster deployments of cloud-based services such as DaaS
  • Streamline Day-to-Day Operations
    Take advantage of Ericom Connect's easy-to-use and customizable, delegated administration capability to assign rights and privileges to different users in accordance with the SMB's organizational structure and needs
  • Protect Investments
    Leverage a solution that integrates with your existing technology, supports mixed farm environments, and extends the reach of legacy Windows desktops, Chromebooks and locked down workstations
  • Support Mobility and BYOD
    Empower users with easy, clientless access to both Windows and Linux applications and desktops from anywhere and on any device, increasing productivity and ensuring business and workforce continuity

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