Instant Application Webification

The quickest and most efficient route to web-enabling legacy and non-web Windows applications (within hours!).
Makes applications accessible via any browser, at a fraction of the cost and time - No need for code changes whatsoever.Enables the use of legacy applications on any device / client platform.
Save on IT costs and R&D efforts required to convert old applications to current work environments
Easily turn legacy applications into web-based applications – in hours
Enable business continuity without compromising on applications' performance, security and user experience
Product Information

✔ Take advantage of Ericom’s solutions to quickly repackage and centralize Windows applications.

✔ Make all Windows assets accessible to all users and address BYOD access needs.

Success stories

"Webification is the act of converting content from its original format into a format capable of being displayed on the World Wide Web."

The British Library Makes the UK's Digital Heritage Accessible with Ericom's AccessNow [...] Read more
Ericom Webifies IBM® SPSS and Other Hosted Windows Applications for Antioch University [...] Read more
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Any application,
any device,
The British Library has to find a balance between providing the best services for users, while protecting the interests of publishers and meeting the requirements of legislation. Ericom's AccessNow enables us to do precisely this.
Lewis Crawford
Architecture Group, The British Library
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