Secure Browsing

The Ericom Secure Browsing solution provides an effective shield for employee web browsing, a primary attack vector, by isolating the corporate network and end-point devices from the Internet.
Secures your data within the corporate network – Internet threats are confined to an isolated browsing environment
Delivers a transparent user experience within the user's native browser
Deploy the virtual browser on-premises in the DMZ, in the cloud of your choice, or as a cloud-based service
Product Information

✔ Minimum helpdesk and IT support - Leverages Ericom’s high performance HTML5 remote access client for easy deployment with zero end-point configuration

✔ Linux-based solution eliminates the need for Microsoft CALs (Client Access License)

✔ Includes additional functionalities such as content scanning, proxy server, document flattening, email filtering and more

Learn how enterprise organizations are addressing cybersecurity in today's workplace - check out the Ericom Secure Browsing Survey Infographic

Success stories

"Information security architects can't stop attacks, but can contain damage by isolating end-user internet browsing sessions from enterprise endpoints and networks"

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The Ericom Secure Browsing solution enabled us to create a hack-free environment for our end-users.
Senior IT Director
One of the Top Ten Banks in Asia
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