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Up to 10x Faster RDP — Ericom Blaze vs. Standard RDP

Ericom Blaze — Software-based RDP acceleration and compression product provides a superior end-user experience over WAN / LANs. Ericom Blaze delivers higher frame rates, reducing screen freezes and choppiness, and it also reduces network bandwidth consumption.

  Ericom Blaze demo

AccessNow HTML5 RDP Client — zero client, browser access to hosted Windows applications and desktops

AccessNow - Ericom's pure HTML5 RDP client, provides fast and easy browser access to Windows apps and desktops hosted on Terminal Services / RDS and VDI infrastructures, including VMware View and Quest vWorkspace. AccessNow runs in the browser and works with any device and operating system that supports HTML5, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebooks, iPad / iPhone, Android, RIM BlackBerry / Playbook, and other devices.

  AccessNow demo

  AccessNow for SAP Business One demo

  AccessNow for SAP ERP demo

Enterprise-wide Application and Virtual Desktop Access

PowerTerm WebConnect Product Line — Provides secure, local and remote access to Windows Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops (VDI) and/or legacy systems - via one management console.

  • PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView - Live Demo - The Alternative to Citrix provides access to applications and/ virtual desktops running on Terminal Servers and Virtualization platforms (VDI).

  • PowerTerm WebConnect Enterprise - Live Demo - Enterprise-wide access to applications, desktops and data residing on Windows Terminal Server, Virtual Desktops and legacy host systems.

  • PowerTerm WebConnect HostView - Live Demo - Secure, centrally managed Web-to-Host access, supporting over 35 terminal types (including IBM 3270, IBM 5250, VT, HP, Tandem, and more.


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