Demo PowerTerm WebConnect: Web-to-host access, centrally-managed & secure

Demo PowerTerm® WebConnect HostView

for Web–to–Host Access

      Enjoy the benefits of traditional PC clients with all the advantages of a server-based solution, including browser-based centralized deployments and remote desktop support along with secure access to legacy
applications. Supporting over 35 terminal types (including IBM 3270, IBM 5250, VT, HP and Tandem) PowerTerm WebConnect HostView connects to applications running on host systems including IBM Mainframe (5250), IBM AS/400 (iSeries), OpenVMS, Unix, Linux, Tandem and more.

Launching the Demo:
  1. Click the icon of the legacy host connection you wish to demo
  2. While downloading the components, the progress bar remains visible
  3. Answer "Yes" to any security notifications displayed
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Demo PowerTerm WebConnect
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Additional Enhancements to PowerTerm WebConnect

Demo two productivity-enhancing tools that go beyond simple application access:
  • PowerTerm WebConnect WebView - Delivers turn-key rejuvenated host application with extended capabilities while completely preserving terminal emulation functionality)
  • PowerTerm WebConnect Java Client - Full-featured terminal emulator with support for over 35 terminal types for any Java-enabled environment or device

System Requirements

  • Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher, or any Java compatible browser
  • Browser settings must allow safe ActiveX controls to download and run, or Java Virtual Machine must be installed
  • Outbound connections on port 4000 must be enabled

Free 30-Day Evaluation

PowerTerm WebConnect: