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Ericom Connect

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Ericom Connect provides secure, centrally managed access to Windows applications and desktops, from any device, anywhere. Culminating over two decades of expertise in the access market, Ericom Connect enables business growth, while satisfying users, lowering IT overhead and protecting IT investments. You can start small and grow as needed up to 100,000 concurrent users and more per Connect access management server steadily and predictably. Ericom Connect features:

  • Rapid Deployments
    Get up and running in hours - not days. Quickly provide access to virtualized applications and desktops throughout the enterprise
  • 100% Web-based, Client-less Experience
    Web-based end user access and administrative management from any web browser - without the hassle of plug-ins & patches
  • Excellent Price / Performance
    Decreases server requirements by up to 30% vs alternative solutions, integrates with existing technology and significantly reduces IT and Helpdesk workload
  • Powerful Reporting Insights
    Advanced tools for tracking, monitoring, measuring and troubleshooting
  • Superior User Experience
    Increase user productivity and satisfaction; Accelerate delivery, while optimizing the user experience across a wide range of devices and network types
  • Business & Workforce Continuity
    Mitigate productivity interruptions by providing robust, always-on access to resources
  • Secure and Encrypted Communications with Full Data Protection
    Guard against data loss by separating sensitive end-user information from the devices

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