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The Alternative to Citrix

Ericom's Complete Application & Desktop Access Solution

Server-based computing (SBC), also known as Presentation Virtualization, is now a preferred method for managed access to, and delivery of, applications and desktops in many organizations. Yet even with all its proven benefits, the number of organizations actually using SBC is disproportionately small in comparison to the number of organizations that could benefit from it. A key reason for its relatively low adoption rate has been the high cost associated with Citrix solutions (Citrix® XenApp, formerly known as Presentation Server, and Citrix® XenDesktop) that are expensive and complex to deploy.

By contrast, Ericom's Presentation Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization solution - Ericom Connect® - enables organizations to implement large-scale server-based computing and virtual desktop deployments, while at the same time enjoying multiple cost-benefits and simplicity in architecture.

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