Virtualization, HTML5 and BYOD - a match made in heaven
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Virtualization, HTML5 and BYOD - a match made in heaven

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

Virtualization, HTML5 and BYOD  a match made in heaven

Implementing a BYOD solution allows a business to increase productivity and efficiency without drastically increasing operational costs, but the challenge is doing so in a manner that meets the company’s need to provide secure, manageable access that is simple to deploy and easy to use.

Separating data, applications and the desktop environment from end-user devices can be beneficial to organizations of all sizes. However, various software and hardware differences can make some applications incompatible with employee devices or make integration impossible. As a result, businesses need a solution that minimizes compatibility risks and allows companies to implement desktop virtualization solutions that support their BYOD strategies.
By leveraging the advantages of an HTML5 RDP client such as Ericom AccessNow, a business can allow its employees to use any device, such as a PC, Mac, laptop, iPad, Android device or Chromebook, to access data and applications hosted on the company’s server(s). This remote access strategy eliminates client maintenance as the HTML5 client doesn’t require installation of Flash, Java or any other software on the end-user device.

Another benefit of a solution of this nature is security. No matter how sensitive the data, or how an employee treats mobile security, RDP-based access keeps data and applications off the device, keeping them safe should the employee lose his or her phone or tablet. Today, more than 78 percent of professionals already utilize mobile devices in the workplace. It is about time that the business ensured those devices cannot be a security risk.

By implementing virtualization and HTML5 clients for BYOD support, a business can benefit from all of the advantages these solutions offer individually, as well as the cost-effective productivity boost these solutions provide when combined. Reducing the need for costly technology maintenance, extensive infrastructure management and pricey computing solutions will allow a business to eliminate resource sinkholes while also increasing revenue by improving productivity and operational efficiency. The productivity and smoother workflow granted from BYOD, virtualization and HTML5 browser-based access will not only encourage employees to work harder, but increase the quality of their work as well.

Ultimately, many of the benefits of these solutions speak for themselves. It's the tools for implementation that a business needs to examine and understand. By investing in universal RDP access through HTML5, a business can embrace innovation and reap the rewards sooner, rather than later.

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