Unusual BYOD concerns revealed
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Unusual BYOD concerns revealed

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

Unusual BYOD concerns revealed

While many challenges related to BYOD adoption involve security and compatibility of devices, a new study unearthed a few unusual concerns. These new issues come not from businesses but from their employees, and involve personal privacy.

According to a survey by Harris and Fiberlink, many business mobile users are worried that the BYOD software used to monitor their devices is giving their employers access to their personal devices in an unauthorized manner and allowing them to collect private data or track their location during non-work hours. These concerns are leading professionals to be more wary about the devices they use for work.

"Bring your own device policies are commonplace across most organizations," said Christopher Clark, an industry expert and president of Fiberlink. "The survey results show that the vulnerability of personally identifiable information is a significant concern, and that organizations need to be just as concerned about user privacy as they are about the security of corporate data."

According to the survey, 82 percent of professionals consider their employers being able to track their location through their mobile devices an invasion of privacy, while 76 percent choose not to reveal to their employers what apps are installed on their devices. Additionally, 75 percent reported choosing not to use a personal mobile device for work, rather than have tracking software installed on it.

"No other IT tool is attached at the hip or full of personal data quite like a smartphone or tablet," said Chris Hazelton, research director at 451 Research. "Because of this, it is critical that IT is able to provide a level of privacy where applicable, particularly around location and app usage, for the growing number of employees who are choosing to bring their own devices to work."

To ease the worries of employees and still gain the advantages that BYOD offers, businesses need to find a solution that allows for secure access to company data and applications without overwhelming the user's device. This can be found in the form of a HTML5 RDP client, with no software to install or update. This means a business can both reduce device support overhead and remain assured it is providing employees remote access to data, which keeps company property off the user device and securely on company servers, without installing any unwanted apps on the mobile device.

With the improved performance and security of RDP-based access, this solution should make both the business and its employees happy, without sacrificing mobile performance. This ensures the maximum benefits of BYOD are achieved with minimum risk and complete satisfaction.

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