Some businesses still don't get BYOD
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Some businesses still don't get BYOD

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

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Implementing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) can be very beneficial for a company, but only when done right. According to InfoWorld, some businesses are only focusing on Apple products for their BYOD solutions, as the majority of employees want to use an iPhone or an iPad. However, only supporting iOS isn't truly BYOD, and it may be "hobbling user empowerment."

BYOD is a tricky subject for some companies, but it doesn't have to be. Businesses question how to deliver and manage full device support to their employees, keep security high and make BYOD an advantage, not an IT worry. For many organizations, the answer to these concerns is virtualization, RDP and other remote access technologies.

With virtualization and other hosting technologies, a business doesn't have to worry about employees saving data or applications on their devices, which poses security risks should they become lost or stolen. Instead, applications, data and desktops can be hosted on backend servers. This allows the company to permit the use of more devices for work, rather than limiting employees to a specific set of smartphones or tablets.

Additionally, with HTML5 RDP clients, a business doesn't have to be concerned over how to support multiple devices accessing hosted data. HTML5 RDP clients are browser-based, allowing any device with a browser that supports HTML5 to remotely access the data and applications hosted on the company server. According to the news source, most employees want freedom from technology micromanagement, and an HTML5-based RDP client is the answer to that need.

Trying to validate, document and support Android, RIM, Apple and other less well-known platforms in the network can be troublesome without a universal option. However, HTML5-based access provides a cost-effective solution that any business can adopt. With clientless access, a business doesn't have to restrict employees' options, and can support any device without difficulty or requiring additional software.

BYOD means allowing users to bring their own devices into the workplace, not mandating which devices can be used. For a business, this means finding the most efficient, effective way to support any device, and investing in an RDP-based solution is a great best way to do this. Businesses shouldn't promise BYOD only to limit and restrict it. Instead, they should give employees the chance to shine with their own devices with a service that promotes the benefits of BYOD and minimizes any potential risks.

Industry news brought to you by Ericom Software, leaders in BYOD solutions.

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