Remote working made easy with user environment virtualization
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Remote working made easy with user environment virtualization

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

Remote working made easy with user environment virtualization

Regardless of the types of computers a business uses, one of the biggest challenges to IT is improving user experience management. Even virtual machines run into this problem, according to TechTarget, and managing every aspect of the end user`s experiences from his or her OS to the applications that are used is the main challenge. Every user is unique, and as such so are their problems.

According to the news source, user experience management is evolving, and virtualization may be leading the changes. The majority of a user`s preferences and configurations are stored in his or her user profile, allowing complications made by migrating machines or updating to be eliminated through desktop virtualization solutions.

Previously, businesses used a solution known as roaming profiles, and many IT professional are familiar with the term. They ensure a consistent user experience when migrating from one device to another, but they come with their own set of problems as well. Especially for businesses that have implemented a VDI environment, roaming profiles create a significant amount of overhead and make user profiles a hassle to manage.

However, some companies still need a solution for user profile migration that works well regardless of the infrastructure in place. According to the news source, that answer may be user experience virtualization. User experience virtualization provides an experience similar to roaming profiles, but one that doesn`t unnecessarily pad user profiles as time goes on. This provides a more slimmed down profile that can be loaded faster and doesn`t take up storage space. User experience virtualization also helps to manage settings across varying devices, so that the user has the same experience regardless of operating system.

A sure way to ensure a high-quality user experience across multiple devices is to invest in high-quality remote desktop performance. With the right tools, a business can enhance its desktop virtualization solutions and eliminate complicated user experience management in a low-cost, efficient manner. Investing in the best tools for VDI, remote desktop protocols and more is essential to high performance in today`s high-tech world, and companies need to make sure they have the best. Ericom`s solutions for RDP-based access and VDI provide high quality software and support for competitive pricing.

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