Prepare for January's BYOD wave today
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Prepare for January's BYOD wave today

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

Prepare for January's BYOD wave today

January marks the end of the holiday season when a wave of personal devices will enter the workplace. According to Computerworld, among the new devices hitting the market, or that have recently arrived, are the iPad mini, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III and a number of devices powered by Windows 8. The IT world will need to be ready to handle the influx of new devices.

About 75 percent of consumers plan to purchase mobile devices as gifts for their loved ones, or for themselves, this holiday season, the news source noted from a report by the Consumer Electronics Association. In fact, 32 million tablets alone are expected to be sold - a 110 percent increase from 2011. Businesses that haven't yet implemented a BYOD strategy may feel this hit the hardest, but all companies need to be ready.

The right access can make or break BYOD
To implement successful BYOD programs that can handle this year’s growing presence of consumer devices, businesses need to ensure that their network infrastructure can handle the bandwidth demands, and that they have the right remote access strategy in place to provide data and applications to all of these new devices.

The consumerization of IT is inevitability, but with the right remote access tools, a company can reduce the risks that this trend brings, from security to productivity drops. Ericom's AccessNow, a pure HTML5 remote desktop client, allows a business to keep its data and applications where they belong, hosted on the company server, without limiting employee device usage, whether it's an iPhone or a Chromebook.

BYOD is hitting the enterprise whether companies are ready for it or not. Why wait till the devices are already in the workplace in January? Preparing now can provide a head start and ensure that security and multiple device support needs are met before they become an issue.

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