No business should fear BYOD
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No business should fear BYOD

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

No business should fear BYOD

Bring your own device is a highly effective strategy for increasing productivity and reducing IT costs. However, there are many common mistakes that a company can make when implementing such a solution. By knowing what these mistakes are, a business can easily avoid them and reap the many rewards that a BYOD solution can provide.

According to CRN, being forewarned of the potential mistakes that be made during BYOD deployment is being forearmed. Avoiding mistakes and creating an efficient strategy for increasing productivity in a reliable and secure way is key for the future of business operations.

The No. 1 mistake a business can make with BYOD implementation is to simply do it to make employees happy, and then ignore it. Without proper consideration for technology, data availability and security, and for company systems and processes, a business stands at risk for various problems.

BYOD isn't just about placating employees, the news source stated, but implementing an infrastructure for creativity, forward-thinking, problem-solving and empowerment that will help professionals think for themselves and be more productive members of the team. Regardless of company policies, employees are likely to begin utilizing their personal devices for work, whether for checking email, talking with clients or doing more complicated tasks. By planning a BYOD strategy now, a business can ensure that it has the policies in place to make this use not only officially sanctioned, but protected.

Without the proper planning, a business will be giving up the control of its data and apps once they are accessed by employee devices. With the right strategy and solutions, however, the company not only eliminates this risk but does so in a way that still encourages the use of smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices in the workplace. Desktop virtualization solutions and remote access are two tools that can support a successful BYOD implementation.

Remote access and virtualization allow employees to access centrally managed data, apps and even full desktops hosted on company servers rather than requiring them to download these items to their devices. This keeps hosted items secure, but doesn't diminish productivity or efficiency.

Ultimately, no business should sacrifice security in order to promote productivity.

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