MDM an unnecessary part of BYOD?
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MDM an unnecessary part of BYOD?

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

MDM an unnecessary part of BYOD

Many companies are focusing on implementing a BYOD solution that controls security through management of employee devices. However, according to Networking Computing, mobile device management (MDM) is an unnecessary aspect of the BYOD trend that focuses on having too much control, effectively negating many of the benefits that BYOD offers.

MDM solutions allow businesses to control the flow of data to employees devices and minimize security risks. However, the high levels of control over those devices that these systems give employers can bring up privacy concerns for workers and actually discourage the consumerization of IT. The reduction of BYOD benefits will end up cutting savings and profit gains in the post-PC era.

The biggest threats that companies implementing MDM attempt to circumvent are the loss or theft of data stored on employee devices. A more effective way to minimize these risks without hurting the success of BYOD solutions is to implement secure remote access. Ericom AccessNow, an RDP-based solution,  allows companies to keep their data and enterprise apps hosted on a centralized server, with employees "logging in" to access them via an HTML5 RDP client. This will prevent the loss of data, and if a device is stolen, it can add additional layers of security so that the thief cannot gain access to sensitive company information.

Kaustubh Phanse, an industry expert, told the news source that MDM provides no additional visibility or control over devices or the access those devices have to a businesses data, only over the devices that a business knows are accessing its data.  Server-side security solutions are far more effective ways to prevent unauthorized access.

As the news source noted, there are a variety of factors that weigh on IT security, especially with a BYOD policy. Implementing solutions that keep persistent data off of mobile devices but still allow its use will be far more effective at ensuring that a business can keep up with cutting-edge technology and trends without hurting productivity.

Ultimately, having a high-quality BYOD solution like Ericom AccessNow will help businesses improve workflow and security without sacrificing other areas of operations and ensure that both the company and employees are getting the most out of their technology and work practices.

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