Desktop virtualization heralds newest age of business technology
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Desktop virtualization heralds newest age of business technology

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

Desktop virtualization heralds newest age of business technology

One of the newest technologies to see wide adoption for business use, virtualization has a wide variety of benefits for a business. From reducing the amount of physical hardware used in an office to reducing power costs, a desktop virtualization solution can enhance productivity and help a company introduce other innovations as well. However, in order to start reaping the benefits of a virtualization solution, a business needs to understand what those advantages are, and how they can change operations on a daily basis.

Energy savings
One of the main benefits of virtualizing desktops is budget reduction. A business can run on thin clients and one or two boxes providing the desktop experience for its employees, rather than 100 or 200 full desktops with 500W power supplies in them. This not only reduces hardware costs, but lowers energy bills and maintenance as well. A business can operate on a handful of 1000W servers, according to Business Insider, rather than significantly more desktops, bringing down average power consumption drastically, and making the IT departments lives easier as well.

Compatibility and accessibility
Another major advantage to desktop virtualization is that, rather than having 50, 100, or 1,000 employees storing data to just as many hard drives, all of their work is stored to a central database immediately, improving information management and disaster recovery abilities for the company. By virtualizing the desktop experience, employees will be utilizing the same information, updating it in real time, and improve collaboration and communication regarding said data. This enhances productivity, and allows a business to reduce the time and cost of backing up that information as well.

IT security
With all of the company data and applications in a single place, rather than spread across 100 desktop PCs and mobile devices, a business can keep better track of its property as well. Virtualization and remote access removes a significant number of potential security risks, and with these tools, a company will be able to keep its data secure, reducing the risk of loss, theft and other cyberthreats. However, businesses will have to invest in a high-quality, secure access solution, such as RDP-based access, in order to accomplish this effectively.

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