Desktop virtualization big news for 2013
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Desktop virtualization big news for 2013

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Desktop virtualization big news for 2013

Cloud services enabled by desktop virtualization and other technologies are being used by a growing number of businesses to reduce IT costs, enhance system and employee efficiency and provide overall improvements to operations. In 2013, many companies will look to continue their adoption of these tools in new ways, specifically for physical  desktop replacement.

According to Integration Developer News, there are about 200 million desktop computers in use by businesses today. By 2015, Gartner expects 70 million of those to be virtual environments, rather than physical machines, either from cloud solutions or desktop virtualization solutions, the news source reported. With about 35 percent of desktops replaced with virtual and hosted solutions in just two years, these solutions are expected to see massive adoption during 2013.

Desktop virtualization provides businesses with cost effective alternatives to desktop machines, which allows the business to purchase one set of hardware and run a variety of computers from it, with nothing but a thin client or remote desktop being utilized by the end user. This allows the company to make more efficient use of its resources and provide employees with faster machines more easily. It also helps professionals access their work from anywhere, rather than being tethered to a single machine in the office. This can help enhance productivity and enable other workplace initiatives, such as work from home strategies.

However, businesses need the tools to support hosted environments, with the right remote access solutions for both security and efficiency. Whether utilizing virtualization or cloud hosted desktops, a business wants to reduce the risk of unauthorized access, and ensure that employees are able to use the tools they want when they need them. This means not only have secure access, but speed as well. For some companies RDP acceleration may be key.

RDP acceleration provides companies with faster remote desktop protocol performance at a low cost, allowing them to enhance productivity and efficiency within the workforce with little additional effort beyond initial investments into desktop replacement. Ultimately, this will be key in having a successful, reliable and performance boosting virtualization/hosted desktop solution that enables both in-office improvements, and remote working initiatives, the perfect combination for a forward thinking business to enhance overall operations with.

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