Businesses unprepared for changing security needs
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Businesses unprepared for changing security needs

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

Businesses unprepared for changing security needs

Evolutions in IT are changing the security needs of businesses, yet many enterprises are unprepared. According to the 2013 RSA Security Trends Survey published by F5 Networks, many organizations are struggling to come to terms with the trends that are changing the shape of enterprise IT security. BYOD, virtualization and cloud computing are making waves, and it is up to businesses to adopt the tools they need to avoid getting washed away by the tide.

According to the study, 73 percent of businesses said that virtualization has had the greatest impact on their IT security decisions while 66 percent cited BYOD trends, and 60 percent said it was the migration to the cloud. However, a significant number of respondents also cited uncontrollable issues such as the changing complexity of attacks as more political motivation for security threats than monetary and other issues that are more difficult to address.

Despite changing security threats and concerns, many companies still feel like these trends are critical to advancing operations and remaining current with the latest and greatest technologies. About 75 percent of organizations reported that a BYOD solution is critical to their operations, despite 66 percent saying it is having a high impact on security. Nearly two-thirds of businesses are reporting a shift of cloud-based infrastructure affecting security, yet are still making the move, and so on.

Most importantly, however, is that many companies feel that even normal workflow is shifting beyond traditional security safeguards, according to the study. Many companies believe that insider threats are increasing, some see external threats increasing and nearly half believe that preexisting threats are becoming harder to control.

"The security landscape continues to change rapidly and many organizations are struggling to properly address evolving threats," said Mark Vondemkamp, VP of Product Management for Security at F5. "Companies will do well to proactively address trends like BYOD and cloud security, but they should also look to raise their game in terms of threat detection and mitigation."

For businesses looking to ease their security worries and begin implementing clear avenues toward success with the latest trends, Ericom offers a variety of solutions that improve the performance of the latest IT trends and ensure security. RDP-based access and RDP acceleration will improve performance and security at a low-cost, enabling the adopting of all of the latest trends without breaking the bank. Additionally, an enterprise will be better prepared for future evolutions of technology with these solutions.

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