BYOD critical for many
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BYOD critical for many

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

BYOD critical for many

The bring your own device (BYOD) trend is new, unruly and can sow chaos where it goes without careful planning. Much like a with teenager, rules and boundaries must be set in place to reign in the trend and keep it from causing harm. Luckily, unlike a teenager, this is easy to accomplish with the right tools and BYOD solutions. However, not all companies are leaping at the chance to adopt the consumerization of IT and bring personal smartphones and tablets into the workplace.

According to IT Pro Portal, every IT department needs to consider the trend. Whether they like it or not, businesses have to contend with employees bringing their smartphones and tablets into the office and accessing company networks on it. Even if these employees don't use the device for work, having them on the network presents new security risks that businesses need to be ready for. The news provider noted that 72 percent of Android apps use permissions that allow access to private data, and can control the phone's functionality, while about 25 percent perform tasks that while not necessarily malicious are considered to be suspicious. The only way to combat this is to implement a BYOD policy.

With a strong BYOD policy, a business will be able to monitor and manage the usage of mobile devices in the workplace and ensure that employees better understand the security risks. Denial isn't a strong policy, and businesses need to work on acceptance and understanding.

One essential aspect of implementing a strong BYOD solution is to invest in the right tools to keep network infrastructure secure. For many companies, the best option will be RDP-based access. This style of remote access will help a company accept employee devices into the company IT infrastructure without putting data and applications at risk. This promotes productivity and efficiency, but keeps company property where it belongs, on the company servers.

For a business looking to adapt to BYOD, allowing a plethora of devices without limiting or restricting employees but keeping data secure is essential to success. This promotes BYOD in essential ways, but without the associated risks, which is what IT security needs.

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