Avoiding top 3 barriers to cloud computing
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Avoiding top 3 barriers to cloud computing

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

Avoiding top 3 barriers to cloud computing

Cloud adoption can be a struggle for businesses without the right approach. Certain aspects of the cloud, such as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), can be very beneficial;overcoming some barriers will make cloud adoption easier, ensuring that the implementation of DaaS, SaaS and other cloud-based solutions goes off without a hitch.

Loss of control
Many businesses feel that they will lose control over their data if they place it in the cloud. However, rather than causing companies to lose control, the cloud merely changes the way that data, applications or other services are managed. Rather than controlling the infrastructure and environment, a business controls the service itself, be it DaaS or data, through different tools. This change doesn't lessen control but simply changes the reins, which can give the illusion of chaos if a company isn't prepared for it.

Culture shock
Implementing the cloud, or any new technology or trend like bring your own device (BYOD) or a desktop virtualization solution, for the first time can cause culture shock in a business environment. Employees will suddenly be interacting with systems differently, or perceive differences where there aren't any. As such, a business has to educate and instruct its employees on what the changes will be, or if there will be any at all.

Naysayers' favorite hype point against the cloud is lack of security. While security can be an issue for the cloud, this is only true if a business doesn't take the proper precautions. Cloud security can be easy to achieve with the right understanding of how the individual services work, and the right tools to provide access to them.

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