Are you ready for the next big trend in technology?
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Are you ready for the next big trend in technology?

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

Are you ready for the next big thing in business?

The introduction of mobile devices into the workplace for professional use is only a few years old, yet many businesses are recognizing the benefits of such a practice and are embracing it. According to Christos Dimitriadis, vice president of information services provider Isaca, IT has evolved a great deal since the 1960s and 1970s when it was led by an elite team of experts who had total control over IT resources and their accessibility. Businesses have changed a great deal since then as well, and so have professionals. The PC is now a vital part of business operations in almost every industry, and non-IT employees are usually highly proficient with computers, smartphones and tablets.

This growth has led to BYOD solutions becoming more commonplace than ever before, and businesses scrambling to ensure they are able to support the latest technology trend. Dimitriadis suggested that businesses, especially those that were not expecting the BYOD trend, begin implementing strategies to spot the next big thing before it happens.

For companies that are still avoiding BYOD and other tech trends such as those enabling remote access, it's important to understand that technology is here to stay. Professionals want to be able to use a tablet rather than a bulky desktop, and the technology has numerous benefits that will be missed without adoption. Implementing these trends is the smart move financially as well as operationally. With trend risk analysis, a business will be able to spot emerging ideas like BYOD before they occur, and be prepared.

When it comes down to BYOD specifically, businesses need to keep a couple tips in mind. The idea to bring your own device to work is driven by consumerization, competition, technology innovation and professional need. In order to keep up with these changes and support what employees are demanding, businesses need to take the devices, and how they integrate with current systems, into consideration.

One way to ensure the reliable and secure introduction of personal devices into the workplace is with RDP-based remote access solutions. Such a solution will give professionals the opportunity to use their own devices to get work done, while ensuring that devices integrate with work systems easily and securely. Other methods may not provide the same versatility or security that puts business operations at risk, or limits the benefits that BYOD provides.

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