Approaching BYOD with a fresh start
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Approaching BYOD with a fresh start

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

Approaching BYOD with a fresh start

Businesses looking to adopt bring-your-own-device policies may need to look beyond the mobility strategies they currently have in place. According to Biztech2, implementing a BYOD solution requires more than an adjustment to mobility policies; it demands a cultural change across the company. With clear policies and communication across the board, a business will be able to make a smooth transition to BYOD and leverage the benefits it provides.

Understanding from the top down
According to the news source, the first key step is to ensure that business leaders fully understand the costs and savings that come with BYOD. Often, BYOD is encouraged from the top down, with a CEO or CIO wanting to bring his or her iPad or smartphone into the office for work purposes. As such, understanding of the effects that BYOD can have on the business needs to start here and work its way down the chain of command, so that everyone recognizes how utilizing consumer mobile devices will change the work environment.

Align strategies with pre-existing policies
Another important part of implementing a BYOD solution is ensuring that it matches up with existing mobility and IT systems and policies. This may mean adjusting workflow slightly or conforming the features of a strategy to current office arrangements, but it also means that a business has to have the right technology to support BYOD. For many, this means a solution that can keep data and applications secure while promoting ease of access and flexibility.

With the right technology solutions in place, a business can simplify BYOD access and ensure reliable and secure performance for any employee device, whether the professional uses an iPhone, Android device, Chromebook, laptop or tablet. An RDP client, for example, allows workers to remotely access data and applications hosted on company servers, rather than putting this business information at risk by downloading it to their devices, which can be lost or stolen.

Ultimately, for any business or organization, implementing BYOD can be a major advantage, but it requires careful planning and the implementation of the right tools beforehand to make the transition smooth and minimize frustrations. No new technology is trouble-free, but by getting a fresh start with BYOD and its mobility plans, any company will be able to take as few risks as possible.

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